Brand, Web & Content: Uncouth Herbalista

Branded with natural earthy green, creamy light gray and soft black, hand drawn elements tie into the herbal feeling without being obtrusive. A simple circle logo keeps proportionate on any social media profile. The outer leaves can be removed for website headers. The handwritten font keeps everything down-to-earth and evokes a natural feeling.

Instagram stories are kept contained and organized with hand illustrated headers. This helps give viewers an easy place to search and view media and quickly find posts that lead to the website. Aromatherapy, Drinks, Food, Exercise, Herbs and Living make up each category as well as relate back to the website headers.

Handdrawn Instagram Story Highlight Headers
Uncouth Herbalista Instagram Management

Hand drawn, rough sketched elements are found throughout the website and social media platforms. This airy and uneven vibe grounds the brand back to it’s natural roots.

Pin-able images located in Instagram stories as well as each blog post are uniform in nature to catch the eye. Scrolling through thousands of images, the viewer can easily pick out the items that are from this brand.

‘Pin-able’ Pinterest Headers located in each post

Visit for a closer look at this clean design. Bold photos highlight the site while delivering information easily.

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