A common practice of mine is to be upfront in any situation. For most projects, instead of ‘per hour’, I charge one flat fee. I’ve been a small business owner and I know what it is to have a strict budget. I also like to know how much I’m going to spend before I commit. I think it’s smart spending. Click below to contact me for a quote.

Maybe you just need a tiny bit of help but want to do most of your work yourself. That’s where consulting comes in! I will help you choose the template or options that will work best for your site or design, show you how to add the dynamics that you’d like, what colors/files/sizes you need for what, and pretty much anything else you might need for your brand or business. Estimate a minimum design time of 8 hours for most design projects. Consulting is on an hourly basis. Reach out to me below for more information.