Event Branding: Indiana Swimming AGS

Each year I concept the meet logo for the Indiana Swimming Age Group State Championships. This logo must represent and appeal to a wide range of kids from 6-14, embody the spirit of swimming, be unique to Indianapolis and above all, be different from every other swim and sport event logo. Additionally, it needs to be eye-popping and easily transferrable between digital, print and screenprinting.

In 2022, the racing icon that is Indianapolis, was the base for my concept and the checkered flag so iconic at the Indy 500 plays in the background evoking the spirit of racing. The water and ripples in the Indiana designate our central state location while the state icon stands in for the “A”. “A” being identified in a similar shape as well as eluding to #1. The bright teal and lime green pop against all platforms and give a watery sense of styling. The short course flags stand in for a traditional tag line but use the swimming standard of flags which every swimmer knows well.

Stay tuned for more!

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